Easter Egg Printable Coloring Page

When I was little I would have one single, modest egg hunt on Easter morning. It involved hidden hardboiled eggs that I had spent hours decorating the day before with my mom. Nowadays Easter celebrations have become a bit more complex with multiple egg hunts leading up to the big day, endless Easter-themed treats, and a million ways to decorate Easter eggs (here are a few more in case you’re looking). With all the fun and craziness, sometimes we forget to just take time to sit, relax, and color.

Free Easter egg printable to color in.

Here’s your chance for a little bit of “me” or “we” time. This Easter egg coloring page can be enjoyed in a single sitting and won’t take all day to color. And it’s also a great page to enjoy with children.

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Easter egg printable with intricate mandala designs inside to color in.

If you’re looking for a fun way to color this egg, try combining markers and colored pencils. It’s one of my favorite ways to add a bit more depth to my coloring pages. I used these vibrant Brush & Line Double Ended Markers and this set of 36 Triangle Colored Pencils.

When coloring with children a great marker option is these Mumbo Jumbo Chunky washable markers. The angled tips are perfect for both thick and thin coloring and drawing. My son loves that he can doodle detailed lines but also color in larger areas quickly because he doesn’t have patience for slow coloring. He wants it done, and done quickly!

Use a variety of mediums to color in your free Easter egg printable, like colored pencils and markers.Get your free Easter egg printable to color in with bright colored Brush and Line double ended markers and Triangle colored pencils.

Hope you have fun getting ready for Easter with this coloring page. You can find more of my coloring pages here. And don’t forget to show off your finished page on Instagram, and be sure to tag @weareOOLY and #CreateYourHappy.

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