​How to Make Homemade Valentine Cards

DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

Homemade Valentine's Cards made from stamps, card stock and glitter

Creating homemade Valentine’s Day cards conjures up fond memories of when we were all young children in grade school and everyone tried to be the most creative with their doily, glitter and heart shaped confections. We often post a lot about kids crafts here at OOLY, but for the romance of Valentine’s Day I am posting an easy, fun and grown up DIY craft to show your loved ones how much you care.

You will need card stock, acrylic paint and some woodblock stamps

We’re Going to Do Some Woodblock Printing

I started out with basic card stock from my local craft store in various shades of pink, white and basic tan. To attain the central theme of love in a unique way, I used my favorite Blockwallah hand carved wooden stamps. These are the most decadent stamps that bring the ancient art of woodblock printing to our fun DIY crafting. I used
Martha Stewart’s line of acrylic paints (found at most craft stores) because I love her color range and she has satin, metallic, pearl and even glitter paints all in truly gorgeous hues. I used a paintbrush to paint the color right on the stamp (this technique saves you from wasting a lot of paint) and started stamping away.

Let’s Add Some Sparkly Glitter

Glitzy Glitter Markers have sparkly liquid gel ink

You can see the sparkly ink from this Glitzy Glitter Marker

To add some of my special embellishments, I used our amazing product that I am totally in love with for adding the perfect glittery shine, which is a set of
Glitzy Glitter Markers. They come in a set of six vibrant colors of liquid ink that lay down a glittery color finish and trust me, a girl can never have too much glitter!

Introducing a Brand New Product… And it Stamps!

Stampables, the markers that have stamps too

Stampables are markers with cute stamp designs

Very exciting new product alert!
Available here at OOLY this Spring, Stampables Scented Markers are double sided markers. One side is a marker and the other is a stamp. And they’re scented too! The designs are adorable, including a bumble bee, bunny, four leaf clover and of course a heart!

Easy to make homemade Valentine's Day cards

I finished up my cards with some glittery letter stickers to spell out special messages. All in all, it was a great way to re-live my childhood and really get into the “specialness” of showing my love for this upcoming Valentine’s Day.