​Sidewalk Summer Chalk Fun for Kids

Summer is a great time to experiment with some fun chalk art.

In the midst of the beautiful, yet hot, days of
summer we are currently in, I was looking for a unique spin on chalk
activities for my girls to do in our driveway. A fun and super easy way
to use chalk is to combine it with water. The water turns the chalk into
vibrant paintings and I thought it would be a cool addition to use some
painter’s tape to create a border so that it looks like their artwork was a
framed piece of art.

All you need for this fun and easy summer craft is
some painter’s tape, a few paintbrushes, a cup of water and of course a set of
chalk. I love the
Chalkables Triangle Chalk sticks because they come in thick
triangular shapes that won’t roll away as your kids are designing on the
driveway! The set comes with 8 colored chalks that are break resistant
which is super important when the little ones use a firm, strong grip to create
their outdoor masterpiece. Chalkables also comes in
square chalk pieces as well
with 12 colors in a set.

With Chalkables, water and painter's tape, you can make masterpieces on your sidewalk.

The first step is to use the painter’s tape and
create a square box on the driveway. Next have the kids color inside the box
with the chalk colors they like.

Use painter's tape as a border to frame your chalk art.

A lot of dust will accumulate so take a dry
paintbrush and dust off the chalk bits left behind.

Adding water to your chalk art makes come impressive looks tha are quite unique.

Next they can dip the
brushes into the water and paint any shapes they like (we did hearts and stars)
and when they are done you can peel the tape away and you have these adorable
mini artworks left behind! So easy, yet so much fun because it’s as if they are
painting! You can also experiment with water and chalk and have them create
chalk drawings and then go over them with the water and brush. A fun and safe
activity for a hot day when you want the kids to go outside and create art that
doesn’t require a lot of clean up but does allow their imagination to run wild.

Sidewalk chalk art is great summer fun and you can make all sorts of interesting blends of color.

This twist on the regular chalk activity will
add to the childhood excitement of peeling back the top of that brand new box
of chalk and thinking of all the inspiring things one can create looking at the
pastel colors staring back at you… Enjoy your summer art projects with your
family and friends!