Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas for Any Budget

Teacher Appreciation Week is just around the corner. Are your kids ready to show their appreciation? You’ve come to the right place! No matter your budget, we have what you need. Have a look!

The Gift of Time and Creativity

Thank-you Notes

If you have some spare cards or stationery, then you’re already halfway there! Grab some used coloring books, photos or printouts from the internet, then add some glue and, voila! Instant Appreciation!

We have an easy-to-follow blog post on how to make thoughtful caring notes for your teacher.

From All of You: Pick a fun theme for the whole class so everyone can present their cards together as one big gift!

Appreciation Video

Making your own short appreciation video is super easy and can be a lot of fun too! All you need is a smartphone and some basic knowledge of video editing.

What the video above for an example of a 6th grader’s appreciation video to his music teacher!

From All of You: Get your whole class involved in the video for something extra special!

Here’s a fun example:

Applause Parade

Because our teachers are such inspirational superstars, they should be made to feel like superstars. At the start of the school day on May 7th, have all the students line the halls of the school to applaud and cheer as the teachers come in.

Bountiful Bouquets

Bountiful Bouquets

Instead of giving your teacher flowers from outside, give the gift of paper mache flowers that last all year! If you decide to purchase real flowers, we recommend personalizing them. Find instructions in our Mother’s Day blog post.

From All of You: Have everyone bring in a flower and make a large bouquet. Sunflowers are a great way to say, “You bring sunshine into my life!”

Gift Ideas Under $10

If you think your teacher shines bright every day, this pack of graphite pencils will suit them perfectly!

Modern Graphite Pencils – Chunky – Set of 6 $5.99

OOLY Modern Graphite Pencils

For the teacher who likes to sketch and draw, and who inspires amazing ideas to pop out of nowhere, look no further than the Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencil and Eraser Set.

Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencil and Eraser Set $7.99

OOLY Pretty Pop Mechanical Pencils

This gift is great for the teacher who loves to express themselves on the chalkboard! These bad boys are dustless, so they’ll love them even more!

Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons $8.99

OOLY Chalk-O-Rama Dustless Chalk Crayons

Make your teacher’s day that much brighter with our pretty pastel shade markers!

Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers $9.99

OOLY Pastel Liners Dual Tip Markers

Gift Ideas Under $25

Everyone has a teacher who loves sweet things!

Sweet Things Happy Pack $11.99

OOLY Sweet Things Happy Pack


For the colorful teacher who loves to write in rainbow, the 6 Click Multi Color Gel Pens are the perfect tool.

6 Click Multi Color Gel Pens – Set of 4 make 24 colors $16.99

OOLY 6 Click Multi Color Gel Pens - Set of 4 make 24 colors


With the fruity scented gel pens in this gift set your teacher will remember your appreciation every time they write!

Very Beary Sweet Happy Pack  $21.99

OOLY Very Beary Sweet Happy Pack


If unicorns and donuts make your magical teacher smile, you have found the best gift set for them…ever! The taffy scented gel pens add a sweet scent to top it all off too!

Fantasy & Confections Happy Pack $21.99

OOLY Fantasy & Confections Happy Pack