5 Ways To Give Your Handmade Cards A Personal & Creative Touch

See How You Can Give Your Handmade Cards A Personal & Creative Touch

Boy with colorful construction paper, ready to make handmade cards

Surprising someone with a personal, handmade card is a beautiful way to brighten their day and to #addhappy to your world. And the best part about making it yourself is that you can be truly original with your creation and let your imagination can run wild! But with so much creative potential, we know it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. Don’t worry! Here are five fun tips that will help get your creative juices flowing.

1. Who could use some color in their day?

Kids coloring on paper with colored pencils

You might know someone who is feeling down and could use a happy boost, or even someone to whom you’d like to say “thank you for being in my life”. You could even share an encouraging & colorful message with a complete stranger, by leaving it on a park bench or on their car windshield. Happiness, like art and creativity, knows no bounds and loves company, so spread it far and wide!

2. Color it happy!

Rainbow colored with OOLY Double Up! markers

Once you have a lucky recipient in mind, think about what colors they like the most. Some people like bright primary colors so using Perfectly Permanent Double Ended Markers would be a great idea for them. Some people may love neon so you can experiment with the Chroma Blends Watercolor Paint Set-Neon and do some creative color blending to create the perfect handmade card for them!  

3. Pick a Theme

Kid making a handmade card that looks like a car

If you know the person who you will be giving your beautiful handmade card to, try to think of a theme that they will love. It could be anything from nature or cats, cars or chocolates. And you don’t have to pick just one. Mix and match themes for some extra flair. Cats in cars? Go for it! The world is full of unique and wonderful people so try to make your card just like them.

4. Match Your Colors

Chroma Blends watercoloring set with painted squares

If you’re thinking of adding a picture or photo to your card, find colored card stock that matches or complements it. Then select a complementary color for the markers or paints you want to use. Color matching is a fun way to explore new combinations that you can use for other projects too.

5. Go 3D

Origami frog made out of green and white paper

Flat cards can be beautiful but why not try a unique folding technique to add another dimension to your special card? We’ve found a great site with tons of different folding ideas for you to try. Give it a shot but be sure to practice on some scrap paper before you start folding the card you want to use.

Make happy, share happy, be happy!

One of the most important things to remember is that your creation doesn’t have to be perfect. The important thing is that you created something original to add happy to someone’s day and that you had fun doing it! Give it a try and share your special creation with us by tagging #addhappy in your post on our Facebook or Instagram. We always enjoy seeing amazing art made with love and OOLY!