Advent Calendar Made Merry With Chunkies Paint Sticks

Let’s make an Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are great for so many reasons. They create a way to celebrate the season and the days that lead up to Christmas through simple little treats and gifts. For those of you who love to make things yourself, this is the perfect little project for you! It is relatively easy and offers a way to include your kiddos.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Chunkies Paint Sticks ( I used the Variety Pack but you could use the Original too)
  • 25 Kraft Bags
  • Twine
  • Clothespins
  • Black Marker for Numbering
  • Large Board
  • Cupcake Liners (Optional)

Start by decorating the bags with the awesome Chunkies paint sticks. They are great for little hands and they dry super fast, no smudging! The variety pack has 6 metallic colors and 6 neon as well as the 12 classic colors. So you can add special touches to your designs. Snowmen, snowflakes, stars and gnomes are some ideas to start with.

The gnome is by far my favorite in this bunch.  I added a little metallic silver over the white in the beard. 

If desired, use glue to add google eyes, buttons or other embellishments.

Put treats in the bags then staple them closed. Treats don’t have to be sweets-think outside the bag and add a cute key chain, a colorful pencil sharpener, hair ties, scented erasers (open package and use in several bags.) Pens with sweet treat designs, Unicorn themed pencils and neon markers can be fun art supplies. I added a cupcake liner to the top of the bags for some extra pizazz. And put my numbers for the countdown on little tags; then attached them with a staple. You could also write the numbers right on the bag.

They are so darling hanging on the twine filled with mysterious and wonderful surprises!

Tie your twine to a large board. I used a chalkboard that I found in the garage. You could also tie your twine through your Christmas tree or hang across your mantle. Add your bags with the clothespins. Ta Da!

Laura Kelly is a doodle artist with a creative spirit. She spends her time making art and creating fun with her family and her Girl Scout troop. You can follow her blog at Me andMyINKlings and find her on social media platforms @laurakellydesigns!

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