How to Make a Summertime DIY Beachy Boho Wall Hanging

Hi there, I’m Marcy, from Project Artwork at Home. The project I want to share with you today takes its inspiration from The Paper Works Sketchbook to create a DIY boho wall hanging. Ordinarily, I use my sketchbooks at home for…well, sketching! But this sketchbook is unique in that it contains four different types of paper: white, black, graph, AND kraft. Every page is perforated, so I pulled out one of each and had fun creating a project that utilizes them all. The best part of this project is adding color, pattern, and texture to each of these high-quality papers.

I just love the Bohemian vibe of this project, with its free-spirited combination of multiple designs and trims!

Finished DIY boho wall hanging made with paper, chalk crayons and fabric

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Supplies You Will Need To Create Your Own Beachy Boho Wall Hanging:

How To Create Your Own Beachy Boho Inspired Wall Decor:

Tear out one of each colored page in The Paper Works Sketchbook. You will arrange each page from top to bottom, in the order you prefer, overlapping each sheet of paper.  Cut the bottom page to whatever finished length you desire for your wall-hanging.

Arrange, cut and glue from the Paperworks Sketchbook

I used a glue stick to glue my pages together because liquid glue makes the paper buckle. Just be sure to use a generous amount of glue from the glue stick, and don’t forget those corners and edges!

Next, cut some fringe for the top and bottom of your wall-hanging.

Cutting fringe on Paperworks Sketchbook craft paper for boho wall hanging

I used a ruler to lightly draw a straight line and then cut into my paper up to the marked line.

After you cut your fringe, begin your patterns.

Leaf patterns with Chalk-o-Rama Crayons from OOLY

Graph paper designs with Chalk-O-Rama Crayons in Paperworks Sketchbook

I used a pencil to sketch in my patterns first. The graph paper from The Paper Works Notebook was great for planning a geometric pattern. Counting squares kept everything symmetrical!

Really push yourself when planning your patterns. Try to think of textile-type designs. I pulled inspiration from ikat designs and simple embroidery stitches.

Embroidery stitches on DIY boho wall hanging made from paper

The Twisty Stix Oil Pastels are wonderful to use. The colors blend smoothly, and I feel like you are able to get a bit more detail with the pastels in the twistable format, rather than the traditional nubby sticks. It feels more like you are holding a pen, and therefore, you feel more in control of the medium. This feature is awesome for little hands, so I highly recommend these for your children!

I did use a white gel pen for any thin lines I needed to draw. OOLY offers a variety of gel pens–even some awesome scented ones, which my daughter loves!

The Chalk-O-Rama chalk crayons are also twistable and show up great on the black paper!

Colored designs with Chalk-O-Rama Crayons on DIY boho wall hanging

Once you have filled each section with a different pattern, go ahead and choose which trims you might like to use. I laid mine out at the top and bottom of each section and rearranged them about a half-dozen times until I finally settled on the order I wanted.

Colored designs with chalk crayons on boho wall hanging made with graph paper

You need to leave a little extra length on each end so you can wrap the trim around to the back.  If you are using pipe cleaners, it is helpful to go ahead and bend the ends over on the back before attempting to glue them.

Pipe cleaners wrapped around kraft paper for boho wall hanging

Glue all your trims in place, and add glue to the extra length on the back. I added a simple hanger with some jute. I taped it in place first and then glued the trim over the top.

Wall hanging with jute and tape

And that’s it! Let it dry for a few hours and then hang it up and enjoy!

Artfully Yours,