Black Paper Bats For Halloween Crafting Fun

Halloween Black Paper Bats

It’s never too early to start decorating for Halloween at our house! This year we are making paper bats for Halloween with black paper and neon designs in addition to our usual pumpkins and spiders! We teamed up with OOLY using their spectacularly fun Dot-A-Lot Paints! Neon colors that are fun for every member and age of the family! We have used the Dot-A-Lot paint on tiny pumpkins, phone covers and little one actually decorated his door with it (was quite a surprise)! Grab some Dot-A-Lot Paint Squeezies and OOLY black craft paper to get started!~

Black paper bats for Halloween with OOLY lil' Poster Paint Pods and Dot-A-Lot

Black Paper Supplies We Used –

Neon Dot-A-Lot Paints

black paper from The Paper Works Sketchbook

lil’ Poster Paint Pods – Neon & Glitter



Pipe Cleaners


Draw Your Paper Bat Outline

Draw a bat outline on black paper.  No details, just a very basic outline. If you use a #2 pencil you will be able to see your outline enough to follow. You can find a lot of bat printables online by doing an easy search.

Cut Your Bat Shapes

Drawing Halloween paper bats on black paper with OOLY art supplies

Cut out the bat. Because you will want more than one bat; put together a few sheets of black paper so that when you cut, you’re cutting multiples! And not all your bats have to be the same size or shape.

 Start Decorating!

Halloween black paper bats with orange Dot-A-Lot dot painting

When your bats are cut out start decorating!

Kid using OOLY Dot-A-Lot dot painting on black paper Halloween bats

We like green eyes and orange dots or purple eyes and green dots. With the Dot-A-Lot Craft Paint it’s easy to make different size dots and even do patterns with the different colors. If your kid isn’t into the neon colors, there are also Pearlescent Dot-A-Lot Paints available too. What’s cool about the dots is that they are 3D and add texture not just color.

Kid using pink dot painting on Halloween black paper bats

Let the dots dry for several hours until totally dry.

Orange and white dot paint on black paper bats for Halloween craft

Let ’em Fly

Cut pipe cleaners in half.

Tape one end of the pipe cleaner to the back of the bat.

Then tape the other end to the wall and turn and maneuver the pipe cleaner to make the bat look like he’s flying. 

Do as many as your kids want to make! 

We added ours to the outside of the fireplace…like they were flying out. It looks like the bats are flying in a swarm out of the cave!

Orange and white black paper Halloween bats

Black paper Halloween bat with orange dot paint

Or try these variations 

Making different sized Halloween paper bats allows everyone to be able to to have a favorite.

Try taping small bats to a long fishing line and tape them 3 inches apart on the line to look like they are flying in the air. Or you could punch a small hole on the bats head and then string them along the line. And if you want the bats to appear like they are hanging upside down, put the hole in their tail before stringing up. 

Black paper Halloween bats with orange and white dot paint

OOLY  has quite a few products that work on black paper, select the ones that work for you. You might like to try Mystery Metallic Gel Crayons or Super Mix Oil Pastels!

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Just some of the products available for Black Paper Bats Crafting: