Brighten Up Homework Space with DIY School Decor

Students of all ages could use a boost of fun going back to classes. Whether you are at home, in a classroom or a dorm room a bit of  encouraging diy school decor goes a long way.  That sense of belonging that encompasses learning, independence and self-expression is invaluable.  It is the perfect opportunity to sport school colors, mascots and trends.  These two diy school décor ideas are simple and adaptable which makes them perfect for crafters of all ages and levels.

Let’s make a school spirit garland!

To create the garland, the following materials and supplies will be used:

chroma blends paper, crayons, black markers, hole punch and twine on white surface

Start by drawing the letters to spell an inspiring word, mascot or school name on the pieces of watercolor paper.

wildcat written on white paper squares with black marker

Color inside the letters with the crayons.  To get a clean look, first trace inside the black marker line with the crayon. Then color inside the entire space being sure to use all up and down strokes with the crayons.

letters colored in with blue glitter being added with blue paint brush

Hole punch in the corners of each piece of watercolor paper.

colored in letters on white paper with pink hole puncher on white surface

String the letters together and lay the garland out.

wildcat written on banner with crayons and black pen on white surface

Add Pixie Paste to get a shimmery and glittery look.  Use different colors OR use the school colors.  I am a UK Wildcat so I used the blues.

letters colored in with blue glitter being added with blue paint brush

Hang the garland in a fun place like above a workspace or anywhere that could use some school spirit..

A garland is great for decorating dorm rooms, bedrooms, study spaces, classrooms, common spaces and also for college celebrations!

Next, create a  back to school or classroom message board. A fun way to keep tasks and reminders! Assemble the following materials and supplies:

paint brushes, patches, poster paints and chalk board on white surface

Paint the frame of the chalkboard with poster paint and let it dry.

hand using blue paintbrush to paint wooden frame with blue paint

Add a layer of Pixie Paste.  

blue glitter glue painted on blue frame with blue paint brush

While it is still wet, add a couple of fun PatchEms.

cloud patch on the corner of glitter blue frame

Push a couple of pins in the top to create a place to hang keys or lanyards. Hang the board and put your diy school decor to use!

blue glitter framed chalkboard with patches on the corner, scissors and keys

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