How to Make a Summertime DIY Beachy Boho Wall Hanging

Hi there, I’m Marcy, from Project Artwork at Home. The project I want to share with you today takes its inspiration from The Paper Works Sketchbook to create a DIY boho wall hanging. Ordinarily, I use my sketchbooks at home for…well, sketching! But this sketchbook is unique in that it contains four different types of paper: white, black, graph, AND kraft. Every page is perforated, so I pulled out one of each and had fun creating a project that utilizes them all. The best part of this project is adding color, pattern, and texture to each of these high-quality papers.

Valentine’s Day Strawberry Italian Sodas

I know its hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is coming up! I love to do something small but special for our kids every year to let them know we love them, but they can be really funny when it comes to treats. Our son has a huge sweet tooth, but our daughter doesn’t like things that are too sweet. It makes for a ton of fun when they have to pick a dessert to split. (NOT!) But a few years ago I started making them Italian Sodas at home and they both LOVE them. Our daughter is a big fan of sparkling water and I think the club soda helps tone down the sweetness just enough for her. Plus I like that I can control the sugar amount for each of them — I always put less sweet syrup in her glass.

How to Create an Art and Crafting Space for Kids

While I love crafting with my son at our kitchen table, it was important for me to make a creative space for him that’s all his own now that he’s getting older. I had three goals in mind when creating his space, which I’ll share with you below to help you create your own craft space.

​DIY Pencil Eraser Ornaments

I didn’t even know you could make your own erasers until I came across OOLY Creatibles DIY Eraser Kit. With 12 different clay colors to choose from, there are a ton of possibilities when it comes to turning your own creative ideas into real mini erasers. I thought it would also be fun to make… Read More »

Creative Ideas for the Kids Holiday Table

For many kiddos, the holiday “kids table” means sitting away from adults and watching the fun from afar. But with a few simple decorations and crafts, you can set up a kids table to keep the little ones busy and having fun! To start, I like to cover their table with white art paper. I’m… Read More »