Valentine’s Day Strawberry Italian Sodas

I know its hard to believe, but Valentine’s Day is coming up! I love to do something small but special for our kids every year to let them know we love them, but they can be really funny when it comes to treats. Our son has a huge sweet tooth, but our daughter doesn’t like things that are too sweet. It makes for a ton of fun when they have to pick a dessert to split. (NOT!) But a few years ago I started making them Italian Sodas at home and they both LOVE them. Our daughter is a big fan of sparkling water and I think the club soda helps tone down the sweetness just enough for her. Plus I like that I can control the sugar amount for each of them — I always put less sweet syrup in her glass.

DIY New Years Eve Party Hats

As you might have guessed from our Holiday Kids Table post, we love to work art into every celebration that we can! A few years ago we made some fabulous New Year’s Eve masks and the kids get a real kick out of pulling them out each year to celebrate. So this year I decided… Read More »

DIY Wooden Bead Necklaces

My daughter Cameron is a huge fan of accessorizing, but she loves designing and creating jewelry almost more than wearing it! Needless to say, we’re always brainstorming new projects for her to stretch her creativity. When I spotted the smooth, bright colors of OOLY’s Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers, I immediately thought they’d be an… Read More »

Crafting with a Purpose – Rock Painting Workshop

Love is action. I truly believe this. That’s why, every day, for the past five years, I’ve been painting and scattering word rocks throughout the world for people to find. Almost five years ago, my son Antonio created the Word Rocks Project. He was only ten years old at that time and wanted to spread… Read More »