Colorful DIY Party Gift Bags Using Fabric Doodlers Fabric Pens

Do you ever need a last-minute gift bag for small presents, but don’t seem to have one on hand? It happens to me all the time, and I hate running to the store just to buy one little overpriced bag. I’m excited to have a bunch on hand now, and they couldn’t have been easier to make. And I can see a ton of possibilities for future bags that can be used for things like party favors, valentines, pen and marker holders, candy bags, and wedding favors.

Here’s what you need and how to create a great party gift bag.

Project Level: Easy. Great for children and adults.

-Muslin gift bags in a variety of sizes. I purchased mine here.

Fabric Doodlers fabric markers


1. Start with some paper, and do a quick sketch of your design. You can even test the colors of the design on paper.

2. If you don’t feel comfortable free-handing your design, draw the design very lightly in pencil first onto the fabric bag.

3. Use the fabric markers to outline and color in your design.

4. Let dry for 24 hours before first use.

Good news is that if you’re using Fabric Doodlers on clothing, you can put the clothes in the washing machine without worrying about the ink fading. For best results, use cold water.

If you’ve already started a summer bucket list, you must add “use Fabric Doodlers fabric markers” to your list, and if you haven’t yet started a list, do so immediately so you don’t forget about this awesome DIY. For more colorful ideas and DIYs, be sure to follow along on Instagram with OOLY, and don’t forget to tag your creations #ArtwithOOLY.

Xo, Sam from Thrive 360 Living

Happy Crafting

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