Cork Turkeys: A Fun and Easy Thanksgiving Craft for Table Decor

I’m kind of obsessed with decorating leaves. If you haven’t already seen my post on leaf art you can find it here. In the post I show you some of my favorite techniques for drawing and painting on leaves. From watercolors to chalk crayons and oil pastels, there’s so many beautiful ways to make art out of nature. With all the leaves I made, I wanted to turn them into a festive Thanksgiving craft that could be used as table decor or name cards. Below are the easy steps to make your own.

Supplies you’ll need to make Thanksgiving cork turkeys:

Decorated leaves – you can find lots of inspiration here. Be sure that your leaves are fully pressed.

Glue – I used E6000 glue because it’s very strong and dries quickly but still allows you to adjust placement before it dries.

-Corks – I bought mine at the craft store.

-Yellow felt or colored paper for the beak.

Eye pins or wire.

Black ball pins (optional) – I used this pins for the eyes, but if you can’t find them you can use black pen or paint to draw the eyes.

-Wire cutter (optional) – if you use black ball pins for the eyes you’ll need wire cutters to shorten the length.

Directions for making Thanksgiving cork name cards and decor:

Step 1: I found that it’s easiest to add the ball pins for the eyes first. You’ll want to clip the pins to a shorter length before you add them to the cork. If you don’t have ball pins, you can use a black paint pen or paint for the eyes.

Step 2: Add a triangle felt nose. If you want you can even add a red wattle cut out of red paper.

Step 3: Glue your decorated leaf to the back of the cork. Let it dry completely.

Step 4: Using mini stamps or a pen, write names or phrases on small pieces of cardstock. I used special edged scissors to scallop the edges of the cardstock.

Step 5: Tape or glue you cardstock to the end of an eye pin or wire. Push the eye pin into the top of the cork.

If you don’t have any leaves to decorate, make your own out of paper! You can even use the free leaf coloring sheet I made by reducing the size before you print it onto cardstock. Get the free leaf printable here. We’d love to see what you come up with! If you’re on Instagram tag me @sam_thrive360living and @weareooly in your post, and don’t forget #artwithOOLY. We are always looking to share pics of followers who have tried one of our tutorials.