Free Magical Unicorn Coloring Page

Let’s make magic with stars, rainbows and unicorns!

Hello Everyone! My name is Ashley (also known as Lady Lucas) and I am an artist and craft blogger that specializes in all things cute, specifically cute characters and coloring books. And since unicorns are all the rave, I designed a rainbow-inspired unicorn coloring page that you can download for free and create that magical and enchanting unicorn haven you’ve always dreamed of! This incredibly cute unicorn coloring page is perfect for those who want to add a bit of whimsy in their (busy) lives.

Follow these 3 steps to bring your unicorn dreams to life!

Cut out the rainbow for a cute background for your unicorn paper dolls.

1. Download Your Unicorn Coloring Page

Click here to download your free printable unicorn coloring page.

Cut and color your own unicorn coloring page

2. Color In Your Unicorn Coloring Page

My favorite tool for coloring are colored pencils- especially these OOLY Sketch and Color Colored Pencils. The 28 colors are vibrant, color easily and blend. Fun for both kids and adults!


Colored in unicorn coloring page

3. Cut Out Your Colored Unicorns

The best part about these unicorns, is that they are meant to be enjoyed and played with! Simply cut around Hannah and Ziggy Unicorn and bend the tab at the bottom of each so that they stand up. **Tip: Printing this coloring page on sturdy matte paper is ideal for this step, but regular office paper will also work in a pinch!**

Colored unicorn paper cut outs with a rainbow

Don’t forget to cut out the rainbow and clouds for a sweet backdrop for your unicorns!

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