DIY Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Bags & Boxes

Sometimes I have gifts that I want to be extra special, so I make my own gift wrap. And I don’t make it complicated because honestly, who has time for something that takes hours? These easy gingerbread house gift bags took me 15-20 mins, and I have a feeling they will leave a lasting impression for my special friends and family who will be receiving them.

If you have kiddos, turn your gingerbread bags and boxes into a magical winterland for pretend play. Because of the easy set-up, this activity would be a great one for an elf (if you have one) to leave one morning for the kids to enjoy.

Supplies needed to make Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Bags & Boxes

-Brown paper bags. I bought a pack at the grocery store.

Brown kraft gift box. You can buy these at the local craft store.

-Scissors for cutting the bags.

Liquid Chalk Pens. I used Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers from OOLY. The bright, neon colors work perfectly on the bags and boxes.

-Double-sided tape.

-Tissue paper (optional) for stuffing your final gift bag or box before you add a present.

Directions to make Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Bags & Boxes

Step 1: Fold the top corners of the paper bag to create a triangle roof. If you want your house to be smaller, just cut off a portion from the top of the bag.

Step 2: Using your Neon Chalkables Liquid Chalk Markers, create a gingerbread design on your house. Get creative. It doesn’t even have to look just like a traditional gingerbread house. Add holiday phrases and words. Create, fun colorful patterns. There’s no wrong way to decorate your gift bag or box.

Step 3: Stuff your box or bag with tissue paper before adding your gift.

Step 4: Add double-sided tape to the back of your gingerbread house to keep the flaps down. You can also add a decorative gift tag or mini ornament.

Gift Ideas for your Gingerbread House Christmas Gift Bags & Boxes

If you’re looking for some fun present fillers for your gingerbread house, here are some ideas:

-Turn your gingerbread box into an adorable art supply house and put in fun supplies, like the Neon Chalkables used to make the bag, Macarons Scented Erasers, and Candy Shoppe Note Pals Sticky Tabs.

-Fill your gingerbread house bag with yummy homemade gingerbread cookies! It will make the bag smell just like a real gingerbread house.

-Use your gingerbread house bag or box to hold a beautiful ornament, perfect as a gift or for an ornament exchange.

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