Easy Fall Crafts Your Family Will Love

Make use of autumn’s most inspiring (and most affordable!) crafting material with this leaf-inspired fun fall craft!

We love to create together as a family. This simple fall craft is perfect for the family who wants a no-fuss activity that everyone can participate in. Picture yourselves on a cool fall day gathered around the table making simple nature-themed creations. Here’s one way to use nature with art and inspire you to get creative and start crafting this season!

Girls gathered around a table doing fall crafting with autumn leaves

Step 1: Collect your materials

Take a walk around your neighborhood with the kids and gather leaves, acorns and anything else that catches your eye. Fall foliage is colorful and unique to the season. Be sure to bring a basket for gathering. Carrying the basket is a great job for the youngest member of the family. When you get home sort through your treasures. And before you start crafting be sure they are good and dry.

Collection of fall leaves and seeds used for fall crafting

Step 2: Bring out your art supplies!

We used the Dot-A-Lot Painting Set (in Pearlescent), Pixie Paste Brush-on Glitter Glue and the Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons. To make things easier, I always open everything up ahead of time and set it all out on the table. Because sometimes the youngest members of the family have short attention spans and preparing supplies in advance will keep them creating for longer.

OOLY Dot-A-Lot dot paints with fall leaf and acorn

Step 3: Gather the Family

Select a workspace that has plenty of room and cover sensitive surfaces if needed. When your supplies are ready to go, invite the family to gather around. Talk about your nature collection and explore your art supplies. Give some suggestions about how you might use them. The Dot-A-Lot paints let you create textures and add 3D color to the natural beauty of the found objects. A soft metallic luster (Rainbow Sparkle Watercolor Gel Crayons) can be used to enhance the color of the leaves and they go on smoothly too. And who can craft without glitter? These little jars of glitter glue have a brush connected to the lid, so it’s so easy to apply. (Make sure you give it time to dry!)  Then after a short exploration, let your hands and mind create!

Decorated autumn leaves and acron with OOLY gel crayons and dot paint

Step 4: Embellish!

This fall craft is great for a crowd because it is totally open-ended. There are no rules. Just put on some good tunes, warm up the cider and create until your heart is content. Mother Nature’s treasures in combination with the fun, bright colors and textures of your OOLY art supplies will leave everyone feeling like an artist. After your amazing creations are set; decorate your windows, create a hanging mobile or share them with friends and neighbors.

Kid dot painting with Dot-A-Lot OOLY dot paints on acorn

Kid dot painting on fall leaf for fall crafting

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Happy Creating,