Colorful Party Planning Ideas for a Rainbow-Themed Birthday

Bright, colorful, fresh, vibrant and so cheerful. A rainbow party-themed birthday is great for both girls and boys.  It’s such an easy and affordable party theme to collect and create bright party accessories to turn a room into a vibrant atmosphere. Here is some inspiration and tips we have gathered to help you host your most colorful event yet!

Happy Birthday whiteboard sign with set of Chunkies Paint Sticks
Happy Birthday whiteboard sign with set of chunkies paint sticks

Step 1: Pick A Theme

I would typically ask my child what they love. For my son’s third birthday he chose garbage trucks. Deep down, did I want to throw a stinky, gross, garbage truck party? No! But it wasn’t my party and he loves garbage trucks! We used some of his toys for decor, created a simple sticker activity with garbage trucks and he loved it! If your child can’t choose a theme, pick something simple like their favorite color or a book they love. We just planned a joint 2nd birthday party for our children who are cousins (a boy and a girl) and chose a rainbow birthday party theme. Other ideas: ponies, the color blue, farm, vehicles, their favorite tv show, etc.

Mom and Daughter standing in front of a rainbow balloon photo backdrop

Kids playing underneath a rainbow balloon backdrop

Step 2: Select One Staple Decor Piece

When we decided to throw a joint party for our kids we chose the rainbow as our theme because it has all the colors our children love! We used mini multi-colored balloons and twisted them around a piece of wire shaped like a rainbow to create one centerpiece decor item. We used the rainbow as a photo backdrop and as a way to bring color into our party! It was big enough to catch people’s attention but small enough to hang in our kitchen. So find one bigger decor item such as balloons, or streamers, or honeycomb balls or a banner to make a statement piece to center your theme around. You can make it yourself or save some time and purchase it from a local party store!

Kids party activity setup with snacks and OOLY art supplies
Kids party activity setup with snacks and OOLY art + diy supplies

Step 3: Choose An Activity

Choose a project to do at the party that is age appropriate and something your children love to do. Our kids love art and we do some form of art almost every day. Recently we discovered amazing OOLY products! OOLY’s Chunkies (mess-free, paint sticks) are incredible for young children. However, OOLY has so many different art products such as gel crayons, left-right crayons, doodle pads, stickers, scented markers, pastel crayons etc. that we decided to create an Art experience for our guests. For our recent rainbow birthday party, we gave each child their own doodle pad, and organized the supplies around the table for them to make their own masterpiece. By creating an inviting, organized space using age appropriate tools, the children all painted, colored and added stickers for a long time – longer than we expected two and three year olds to sit! The products were age appropriate and so was the activity which allowed them to experience success when creating!

Girl sitting in front of birthday party activity set with popcorn and crayon coloring

We ended our party with a few treats, snacks and an easy lunch – PB and J sandwiches with some veggies and cheese cut into shapes! It was such a wonderful party, and honestly it was one of the easiest parties I have put together for my kids and yet so much fun! So don’t stress, make a plan, find some age appropriate activities and let your children create! It is their party 🙂

Mini sticker set and OOLY Rainy Dayz gel crayons and Left Right Crayons

Two girls coloring with OOLY crayons at a rainbow birthday party for kids
Two girls coloring with OOLY rainbow sparkle crayons at a rainbow birthday party for kids

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