Father’s Day Crafts for Kids

Father’s Day is near and the challenge is always to create something new and exciting for kids to show their dads how much they care! We often see the crafts with ties, barbeque or sports themes, but below I have compiled some truly unique and easy projects kids can make for dad!

Dad Rocks Paperweight

Yes, your dad rocks and you can show him how much he rocks with this easy craft.

This project is going back to the basics… a simple, easy craft that reminds me of nursery school projects from back in the day… yet it’s so nice for a dad to have a fun reminder of how loved he is with a cool paperweight for the papers on his desk! Just go into your backyard (or next time you go to the park) and find a pretty decent sized rock that you can have your child easily paint all over the surface of. We used our
Lil’ Poster Paint set and taped down some paper so the table wouldn’t get messy, and my kids painted a bright cheerful rock in Dad’s favorite colors.

Just apply acrylic paint to the rock in your dads favorite colors.

This does take some time to allow for drying (putting it out into the sun I find always speeds the process along) Once dry, you may want to help your kids finish this beautiful creation with a fine hand and a thin brush, and use the white paint to paint “Dad Rocks” across the top of the rock. You can also try to go to your local craft store and see if they have a paint pen for an easier time painting on the letters

This Father's Day craft will be a great reminder for your dad about how much he is appreciated.

Dad Painting

This is a very simple Father's Day craft that even a really young child could do.

With a little painter’s tape you can create a totally different and eye catching project that will definitely grab attention. I love using painter’s tape for projects because you always get this amazing crisp line wherever you place the tape. All you will need is three items, extra large white paper, acrylic paint and painter’s tape. Start off by taping the letters DAD in the center of the paper. Press down firmly so that the tape is really stuck on well.

Painter's tape is your friend when making really cool DIY painting crafts.

Now for the fun part; give your kids a paintbrush and an
acrylic paint set and let them go wild. They can freestyle paint all over the page… on top of the tape, wherever their heart desires. Let the picture dry completely, this may take a few hours because you want the paper to be nice and dry before you peel off the tape (carefully).

With the painter's tape on paper, you can go wild with painting your craft.

The kids love how cool it looks once the tape is removed and they can see the white letters spelling out DAD with their paint splattered all around it

This simple craft is a real easy and fun way for any child to show their appreciation on Father's Day

DIY Cards:

Just Love Hangin’ with You Dad

DIY paper crafts are really easy. With a little extra attention, they can be really special.

This was an insanely cute card that has little monkeys made out of kids thumb and index finger prints. All you need is white cardstock or plain paper, brown paint, a piece of twine, any glue you have at home (I like the clear glues that dry invisible) and we used some black script letter stickers I got from my local craft store. Fold your white paper into a card and dip your child’s thumb in brown paint and stamp three little thumbprint monkey bodies somewhere in the bottom right hand corner of the paper. Next, dip their index finger in the same brown paint and place their fingerprint directly above the thumbprint body to create the monkey’s head. Next, cut a piece of twine and glue it down a little bit above the monkey’s head. While the paint is drying, you can use your stickers to create the message “Just Love Hangin’ with You” across the top of the card and after the paint has dried, you can have your child use the brown marker and draw on the tail and/or arm hanging off the vine along with the legs and arms. I happened to have some banana stickers and a heart from our huge sticker collection that made the card even more festive. Adorable!

You Are My Sunshine

This Father's Day craft requires no trips to the store since you're likely to have everything you need at home.

This DIY card is a simple, cheerful craft that can be made with items you might have at your house already! All you need is white paper, yellow crayon, black marker, pasta, glue and I picked up some gold glittery letter stickers from my local craft store. Have your child draw a yellow sun with the crayon on the bottom half of the card, allowing for room at the top and bottom of the sun to glue on the pasta “rays”. They can use the black marker to draw a happy face on the sun and you may have to help them glue the dry pasta around the sun gently (this needs a bit of time to dry). Next we made the “You Are My Sunshine” out of black marker and the shiny gold glittery stickers. This was such a cute and happy card!

Stay Cool Dad

Turn a few pieces of candy into a really fun paper craft for Father's Day.

This was the coolest idea, literally cool with a popsicle themed card! It’s especially great for kids who are a bit older and want to do a unique card that dad will really get a big kick out of. All you need is a box of Mike and Ike candy, toothpicks, a black marker, glue and white paper. To make our mini popsicles, you have your kid glue the Mike and Ike candy in the center of the paper, (use as many colors as they want, 3 or 4 popsicles should work best) cut toothpicks into small popsicle sticks and glue those under the candy popsicles. Then they can write their message across the top and sign it with love on the bottom… So fun!

I hope these five homemade, easy-to-make and super fun crafts inspire your kids to make some truly original Father’s Day gifts for the Dad they love so much! There is nothing better than making crafts to give to loved ones… so enjoy this time with your kids creating fabulous works of art!