From Paper to Pillow: Crafting Your Own Holiday Decor with OOLY

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The holidays are not just about getting together but also about diving into DIY holiday crafts that light up the festive spirit. This DIY holiday “pillow” is the perfect holiday craft for kids and adults alike, requiring zero sewing. Whether you’re looking for easy holiday crafts or intricate holiday coloring sheets, this activity offers incredible versatility. The secret? The Color Layer Markers, a new innovation by OOLY, that makes holiday crafting a breeze!

Time Duration: 30 minutes – 1 hour

Skill Level: Beginner-Intermediate

OOLY Products Needed:

Other Items Needed:

  • Stapler (adult supervision required) 
  • Scissors (adult supervision required)
  • Pencil


ooly art supplies like a sketchbook, the ink works markers, color layers markers, and a stabler and scissors
Hands holding pencil over white sketch paper on countertop
Hand holding pencil and outline the shape of a holiday sock on white sketch paper

Step 1: Grab your supplies! Kicking off your DIY holiday project, start with OOLY’s Chunkies Paper Sketchbook Pad. Whether you’re inspired by holiday coloring pages or simple holiday drawings, choose an idea (example: stocking, snowflake, tree, snowman, penguin) and sketch this shape onto your pad of paper. As you’re diving into this holiday craft, gather the rest of your supplies and get ready to craft.

Hand holding scissors and cutting out the shape of a holiday sock from white sketchpaper
Hand holding the shape of a holiday sock over white sketchpaper with the shape traced on other sketch paper

Step 2: Once you have your shape drawn, cut it out. Then, use this shape to trace a second shape on another piece of paper. Cut this one out as well. These two identical shapes are what you will color.

ooly color layers markers on a table next to colorful holiday socks with purple, blue, pink, and more colors
Hand coloring blue and purple sections on a festive Holiday sock craft on white sketch paper
Hand using ooly markers to draw a green mistletoe on the corner of a colorful holiday sock
Hand using ooly marker to draw pink hearts on a colorful holiday sock made of paper

Step 3: Tap into the magic of holiday coloring with OOLY’s new  Color Layers Markers. Start with base colors inspired by popular holiday colors and holiday color palettes – or not! – to craft an initial design. After coloring both pieces, it’s time to layer on even more festive flair! These markers bring the joy of holiday crafting to life, changing the color in such a quick, vibrant way!

Ink Works Markers on a table next to a paper Holiday sock with hand using markers to draw outlines
Hand holding ink works markers and drawing outlines on colorful Holiday sock with mistletoe and stars
Hand holding ooly ink works markers drawing the outline of triangles on green, purple, and pink Holiday sock

Step 4: Once you’re done coloring, use OOLY’s The Ink Works Markers to outline your design. This helps the colors pop against each other.

Hands using a stapler to staple two holiday socks back to back together

Step 5: Match up the shapes with your design on the outside and staple the edges together. Staple about one-half inch apart until you have just an opening at the top.

Hand crumpling up scraps of paper over a table with purple, blue, and pink marks on white paper with Holiday sock in background
Hand holding stapled, colorful Holiday sock with scrap paper coming out of it

Step 6: Take your scraps of paper from step 2 (or any recycled mail) and tear or crumple it up. Stuff this in between your shapes until it begins to fill out.

Close up of stapler closing up a colorful, paper Holiday sock to add a 3D effect
Hand holding finished Holiday sock with colorful lines, stars, hearts, mistletoe, and other shapes drawn on

Step 7: Once your DIY holiday “pillow” has taken shape, staple up the remaining edges. And just like that, you’ve got your own “pillow” holiday decoration!

This project is fun, simple, and sure to put you in the holiday spirit. These DIY holiday “pillows” make fun festive focal points. Decorate your mantle, tablescapes, or other living spaces with them as standout holiday decorations, or turn them into cherished ornaments with a simple hole punch in the corner. Whether you opt for a straightforward design or intricate details tailored for the seasoned crafter, this project promises a masterpiece every time.

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