Fun Art Idea for Kids: Watercolor Birthday Card

Craft blog by: Karen Downs (@karen_crafts10)

This fun art project can be for kids and adults alike. A colorful and whimsical covert art on a black canvas. Like flowers and leaves, take up space, be authentically yourself, and bloom!  Line art is inspired by lines found in nature. One of the prettiest lines we see are rainbows, so here’s a fun and easy rendition to draw on your DIY cover. This DIY project is a great craft for kids to express their creativity this season! 

Time Duration: 45 minutes 

Skill Level: Intermediate

OOLY Products Needed

Other Items Needed: 

  • Scissors (adult supervision required)


Arts and crafts supplies like watercolor paint pods, watercolor paint pad, stickiville stickers, and scissors

Step 1: Cut a piece of the Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pad down to 5” x 3.75”.

Watercolor paint pods on graph paper next to a cut out scrap of paper with pink, orange, and yellow brush strokes

Step 2: With the Lil’ Watercolor Paint Pods and brush provided, put your brush in a cup of water and wet the first color. Start coloring large brush strokes with the first color. Rinse your brush and repeat the painting from left to right.

Paint pods and colorful scrap paper on graph paper

Step 3: Once the brush strokes are dry, wet your brush and get a small amount of black paint on your brush and lightly tap it over the watercolor paper to add small flicks of paint.

Red scissors on top of a white card with a Happy Birthday sticker on it

Step 4: While that is drying, put the “happy birthday” sticker on any type of cardstock and cut around the sticker, leaving a small border and add any double sided foam tape or foam piece to the back of the sticker to pop it up on the background.

Handmade birthday card with rainbow colors, birthday sticker, and paint pods in background

Step 5: Mount the watercolor panel on a 5.5” x 4.25” card base with tape or using some type of foam to add dimension.

This colorful and creative DIY paper card is a great craft art project to make for your loved ones. 

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