Fun and Kid-Friendly Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter is quickly approaching and seeing all of the Easter egg dying kits while shopping at the grocery store brings me back to my childhood. While dying real eggs can be fun, I’ve always had a hard time destroying something that looks so beautiful. I prefer the idea of making Easter eggs that last. I also love Easter egg decorating ideas that my 6-year-old and I can enjoy together. And let’s be honest, kids always come up with the most creative ideas. Below you’ll find three kid-tested and approved ideas for decorating your Easter eggs this year. You can’t go wrong with chalk, stickers and highlighters. I hope these ideas will inspire you to get creative with your egg decorating this Easter.

Decorated Easter eggs with chalk, highlighters and paint

For each of the Easter crafts pictured below I used matte, plastic Easter eggs, but the same techniques could also be applied to real, hard boiled eggs.

Creating Chalkboard Easter Eggs with Chalk Crayons

Creating chalk Easter eggs is probably one of my favorite egg decorating techniques. I love that they remind me of old school chalkboards—I give this egg decorating idea an A+!

Easter eggs painted with black acrylic paint and Chalk-O-Rama chalk crayons

Chalk Supplies:

Easter eggs decorated with Jumbo Juicy Highlighters

Creating Bright Easter Eggs with Highlighters

If you love bright, happy colors, then highlighter Easter eggs are for you. Plus, they just so happen to be incredibly easy!

Highlighter Supplies:

-I used these Jumbo Juicy Scented Highlighters for my bright neon eggs.

-Another option to try would be these fun Sweet-Stampers Double-Ended Scented Highlighters. With a stamp on one end and a chiseled side on the other end, you could combine doodles with stamps.

White and black Easter eggs decorated with Sonia J Design stickers

Creating Playful Easter Eggs with Stickers

By far the easiest eggs are these sticker eggs. From fun and playful to soft and delicate, you can match your eggs stickers to just about any look and feel.

Sticker Supplies:

-You can either put your stickers on a blank egg or create a beautiful background with acrylic paint or watercolors.

-For the black and white sticker eggs I used the fun and colorful Coquettish Eyes and Space Note sticker packs. You can find more fun stickers that are the perfect size for eggs here.

-For a more sophisticated sticker Easter egg, combine a watercolor background with stickers like these beautiful Dear My Love stickers.

Easter eggs decorated with floral stickers and lil Watercolor paint pods

Are you excited to start decorating Easter eggs? We’d love to see what you create! Share your eggs on Instagram, and be sure to tag #CreateYourHappy.

Happy Crafting,