How To Create: Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints

OOLY’s DIY Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints allow you to create & decorate multi-surface projects with bright and dazzling results. These easy-to-follow suggestions will help you start creating right away.

Make the Workspace Ready

Start with a clean work space, always a good idea when starting a new project. Before laying out your supplies; you may want to cover your workspace with paper or a plastic cloth. Dot-A-Lot dimensional paints are intended for more seasoned crafters and not for anyone under 6 years of age, and we do suggest adult supervision.   

Pro Tip: If you think the project will not be completed in one sitting; either use a space that won’t be disturbed or do the project on a tray, cardboard or something that can be moved without affecting the supplies. Your project will take 24 hours to dry so you put it somewhere it won’t be disturbed.

rainbow of colors of dot-a-lot-paints against white background

glow in the dark dot a lot paint

Lay Out the Supplies

Getting your supplies laid out and ready to use will make your project easier to complete. Because the Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints set is a multi-surface product, you can choose lots of different items to decorate. Add texture & color with the craft paints to:

  • Paper-including colored or black paper
  • Cardboard or poster board
  • Wood
  • Glass
  • Fabrics
  • Ceramics
  • Rocks
  • Almost anything!

tape dispenser and plant pot decorated with dot-a-lot paint against an orange and pink background

They also make fun embellishments on greeting cards, party or wedding invites and even clay pots!

birthday card decorated with neon dot-a-lot paints on blue background

Glow In the Dark Craft Paints are vibrant by themselves, when exposed to daylight/UV for a few moments the colors will glow brightly in the dark.

half glowing half regular dot a lot painted planet

Choose Your Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paint Colors

Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints in Neon Brights will add pop to your project with 5 brilliantly colored paints: Hot Pink, Glowing Orange, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green and Bright White.

Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints in Pearlescent give a lustrous style to any craft with Pearly Pink, Soft Gold, Sky Blue, Luminous Purple and Pearl White.

Dot-A-Lot Glow In The Dark will result in eye-catching colors that with a bit of exposure to daylight/UV will actually glow in the dark! Five glowy colors include Moonlit White,  Sunny Peach, Intense Pink, Limey Green and Sky Blue.

Pro Tip: Practice with the bottle on a blank sheet of paper before starting on your object. You can squeeze out dots, lines or create a pattern. Squeeze the bottle carefully to control the flow.

hand squeezing metallic blue dot-a-lot paint onto white paper

A smaller squeeze on the bottle will produce a smaller dot. As you press more you will get a larger dot. If you are going for a line, an extended press with the same pressure all the way through will produce a line or circle etc.

metallic dots on black paper

Create Dazzling Artwork with Dimensional Craft Paints

Let’s go! Now that you have practiced begin applying the Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints to your paper or craft. You may want to keep your hand elevated from the surface so your hand or already applied paint doesn’t get smudged. If needed, allow one section to dry for 24 hours before continuing. Keep dotting until you have finished your pattern or design.

metallic and neon dots and designs on black paper

Once your creation has dried (24 hours) you will have a neon bright item or a stunning project with lustrous color. Not only will your object or medium be colorful but it will have a 3D effect as well adding a visual look that not all art possesses.

neon dots on black paper

Make your next painting or craft project stand-out, literally and figuratively, with Dot-A-Lot Dimensional Craft Paints! The set of 5 Neon colors will glow bright in the light while the 5 Pearlescent colors will add a lustre like rare pearls.

You can make a customized gift for almost anyone!

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