How to Keep Kids Occupied During Summer Traveling

Summer vacation is here! That means chances are you and your kids will be doing some kind of travel, whether it’s in the car on the airplane or at the airport. It is challenging to find interesting activities to keep kids busy aside from all those video games and tablets. I love to find cool and portable art supplies where my kids can be creative like on our long car trip up to Lake Tahoe (did I mention this is a 9 hour car ride???). I have gathered a bunch of easy to pack, fun and creative items that your kids are going to enjoy using during long trips.

Have the kids journal their adventures

Locking Diaries are a great way to encourage kids to write.

I think it would be great for the kids to write down all their fun experiences from this memorable vacation so I got each of them their own locking diary (or you can refer to it as a “journal” if you have a boy). Sweet Secrets Locking Diary is a white lined paper diary (which is great for younger kids who are just learning to write) that has six sweet candy page designs. Since my little girl is seven, I paired this diary up with a set of the Stay Sharp Graphite Pencils which are age appropriate because they come in candy colored rainbow barrels that never have to be sharpened! Stay Sharp also comes in a Reel Steel alternative color set for boys. I also packed her a Heart to Heart Stacking Crayon which is an adorable 12 stacking heart crayon set. Perfect for trips because it has so many colors in just one crayon!

Color always looks great over black paper. It really makes the color stand out.

Both the Peace and Love and Ninja Top Secrets Diaries come with cool black unlined paper so the two older kids (ages 9 and 11) can write but also doodle with some of the gel pens. I like the Mini Mini Gel Pens and the Galaxy Writer Pens because they are great on black paper and are so unique that the kids will be more inspired to write and create doodles.

The perfect way to color while traveling

With the Heart to Heart crayons, you have 12 colors in one crayon. An easy travel crayon set.

I also included a black and white DIY Cover Sketchbook to observe the outside world and sketch cool things that they see on the drive, whether it be an unusual bird, an awesome sports car, or even a lazy river. And we never go anywhere without the Color Appeel crayons since they just write smooth as silk and come in really fun colors that pop on the white paper. This summer trip we are excited about our new set of Brilliant Bee Crayons which also work great on black paper and come in 24 bright colors so there are plenty to share among the siblings! I love that they are thick and triangular shaped which makes them easy to grab onto while travelling.

Of course for boys we have the Unravels Peelable Crayons – Sports because that will keep my stepson drawing and regaling us all with cool sports facts and fun jokes.

Colorful items for on-the-go creativity

Small coloring crayons, markers and pens make it easy for kids to be creative anywhere.

Finally, as a mom, I also love anything that comes in a mini version for tucking away in my purse while we are in a restaurant, or easily carried by the kids in their backpacks. I love the Mini Monsters Scented Markers, Dandy Candy Scented Markers and Fairy Writers Gel Pens. These are great to stash away in my beach bag with a white sketch pad and when that moment of “I’m bored, or “there’s nothing to do” sets in I can easily whip these cute little guys out in their handy plastic pouches and hope for some moments of creative genius to shine through!

I hope that you all have a fun-filled and safe summer break enjoying your family and friends.