Make Rainbow Fun When You Zentangle it!

Create your rainbow with style!

How? Paint your own rainbow! (Then draw all over it.) If you suffer from Winter blues, as we do in the northern states, a few art supplies and an afternoon are all you need to blast away the snow and usher in Spring a tiny bit faster.

What you need:

This super-cute watercolor set, paint brushes, paper, and a black marker or brush pen. If you really want to go out on a limb, try painting your rainbow with pearlescent or neon watercolor paints. I used this classic 36 color set for mine-giving me lots to choose from.

Step one:

Paint your rainbow. With your paper set horizontally, paint a very small purple rainbow-bottom. Repeat with all the rainbow colors, typical colors would be purple, blue, green, yellow & orange. But you can pick any 5 colors you like for your rainbow! You should have the perfect amount of space to fit the entire rainbow.

Step two:

Patience! Let the paint dry fully.

Step three:

Draw all over your rainbow stripes, making different patterns. Try changing it up with different pen types, like a fine tip or a brush tip even a chisel tip.  Alternate your pattern directions, or even go minimal and draw polka dots all over the rainbow. This use of repeating patterns is sometimes called a zentangle. And the sky is the limit!

Tip: defy nature and make several rainbows to hang up all over the house. What’s better than a rainbow art show?

Jeanette Nyberg is an artist and author of the book, Drawing Games and Tangle Art for Kids. She is passionate about getting kids and adults excited to make things by sharing fun tutorials and creative inspiration on her blog Craftwhack.