Mother’s Day Card Craft

By: @TidyDad on Instagram

OOLY has everything you need to put some DIY magic into your Mother’s Day card.

Pop-up cards are a beautiful and personal way to show the mom in your life that you love them! These cards are easy to assemble and customizable in so many ways. @TidyDad on Instagram put a twist on a classic card to really make this holiday pop!

Follow the easy steps below to craft a keepsake mom will love:




STEP 1: Fold 2 pieces of paper in half and trim one half inch off each side of one piece.

STEP 2: Paint the smaller piece and allow it to dry.



STEP 3: Refold a smaller piece of painted paper. Cut up to 5 strips starting at the fold. 

STEP 4: Glue a smaller piece inside of a larger piece and pull out strips of paper.



STEP 5: Paint the pop-up design on 3rd piece of paper. 

STEP 6: Glue the pop-up design onto the cut-out strips of paper.



STEP 7: Write a message inside the card.

Get creative with pop-up designs and messages, the sky’s the limit!

If you are on Instagram, we would love to see how you create your Mother’s Day card! Add #OOLYcreateyourhappy to your photo caption and be sure to follow along with me and OOLY for more creative ideas!

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