Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Mother’s Day is a
holiday when kids get super excited to show mom how much they love her with
homemade Mother’s Day cards and DIY Mother’s Day gifts. I have compiled a few
fun and unique crafts for kids to make (with help from a willing adult) for
their special day with mom!

Kids will have a great time making this fun Mother's Day card.

Mother’s Day Cards

Most kids enjoy making
special cards and I came up with some totally cool ideas using items you
probably already have in your home. The first is a Happy Mama’s Day card my
youngest daughter designed and we then used colorful card stock, glitter paint, markers and a needle and
thread! Yes, a needle and thread to create stitches going up the border of the
card. I found this unique tool in my local craft store that is called a
crafter’s stitch hole maker and it allows you to puncture holes in your paper
(I used a piece of foam underneath so I wouldn’t mark up the table) and then
you can thread through colorful thread to create a unique and fun card! Next, I
used a hand carved, wood
Blockwallah Gothic Heart stamp with Martha Stewart
glitter acrylic paint to make a heart on
the card. I really liked the amethyst color to stamp a heart and the glitter
really shines. Then my daughter wrote her sweet message with our
Super Mix Marker set.

Construction Paper

Paper crafts are always
very simple and inexpensive and this “You Light Up My Life” card can be done
with just a few household items. First I drew and cut out the shape of a mason
jar with construction paper and a black marker. Then I used bright yellow paint
from my
Lil’ Poster Paint set and I put it on my daughters thumb and gently
pressed all around the “jar” to create light shining around the fireflies.
After the paint dried I gave the fireflies some extra detail with a black
marker. Next I made a bow out of bright yellow ribbon and glued it on with my
favorite Elmer’s clear glue. I then attached the message “you light up my life”
on the bottom of the jar and voila! An adorable, and cheerful way to let mom
know how much you love her.

Popsicle Stick Paper Art

Home is where mom is and
this was a fun craft that carries such a simple yet powerful message for all us
mommies out there. For this craft I used construction paper, scissors, markers,
glue, a package of popsicle sticks from the craft store. I already had a bunch
of colorful buttons at home, however, you can also buy fun buttons at the craft
store as well. First I glued the popsicle sticks to the paper in the shape of a
house, then I cut out a heart shape and glued that in the center of the house.
Next I glued all the buttons all around the popsicle stick house and then I
used my favorite
Glitzy Glitter Markers to highlight the message. These are my
favorite markers because they have a glittery shine that sparkles and really
makes your artwork pop!

Recycle those old puzzles with a beautiful craft for Mother's Day.

Recycled Craft – What To Do With That Old Puzzle?

It doesn't take much to turn a few item into a beautiful recycled craft.

“We love you to pieces”
was an extremely fun project to do that is a recycling puzzle piece craft. My
kids had an old puzzle that was missing some pieces so I simply decided to make
use of the leftover pieces by painting the back sides a bright, cheerful hot
pink. I found this amazing jumbo puzzle piece board at my favorite craft shop
and I painted that with two coats of Martha Stewart glitter acrylic paint. I
used a color called sugar cube which gave it a stunning glittery look. In
between drying, I used my popsicle sticks from the popsicle stick house and I
glued seven of them together with clear Elmer’s glue. After the glue dried I
took a pencil and traced the shape of a heart on the popsicle sticks and with a
steady hand I used the same hot pink paint and colored in the heart. Then I
strategically glued the puzzle pieces on top of the heart. Next I glued this
whole portion on to the jumbo puzzle piece. And lastly, I looked through a
bunch of my current fashion magazines and cut out and glued letters that
spelled out “we love you to pieces.”

Download and print this free Mother's Day Printable and tell her how much you care.

Mother’s Day Printable

As a mom, I love special notes and messages from my girls. This free printable is a great way for kids to color and write a message to their mothers for their special day. You can download the
Mother’s Day Printable here and print it out for your kids to color and create an exceptional message for their mom.

To all you amazing
mothers out there, I hope that you have a beautiful Mother’s Day celebrating
with your children and/or your own moms and just feeling the love and joy of
being with friends and family on this very special and celebratory day.

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