OOLY Adds Happy in Puerto Rico for Teachers and Students

Introducing #addhappy

OOLY is excited to introduce #addhappy, a community centered call to action to spread joy and happiness and make connections through creative expression! The simple act of giving and adding color is our small way of helping spread happiness in our world.

Our mission is to passionately provide fun and unique products that inspire creativity and self-expression for all. We love to support teachers, students and programs that encourage creativity. As a part of the OOLY commitment to creative learning, we wanted to support the hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico. With the help of our partner, Adopt-A-Classroom.org, we traveled to Ponce to add happy to two classrooms.

Helping to addhappy in Puerto Rico

On September 20, 2017, Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. This came within days of the equally destructive, Hurricane Irma. These storms, combined caused billions in damage and cost thousands of lives.

Over a year later, Puerto Rico is still recovering from the disastrous storms, especially the schools. OOLY traveled to Ponce, Puerto Rico to discover the challenges these classrooms are still facing.

Stadium overhang in Puerto Rico destroyed by Hurricane Maria












In collaboration with Adopt-A-Classroom.org, OOLY helped #addhappy to the classrooms of Puerto Rico. As a part of this mission OOLY donated $35,000 in funding and colorful school supplies for every student, to help support their creative learning and expression.

OOLY handing out supplies to teachers in Puerto Rico











Discovering Courage

During our time in Ponce, we witnessed the tremendous courage of these teachers and students firsthand. They taught us a phrase that is truly inspiring, “levantarse,” meaning “we rise up”. This is exactly what these tremendous people are doing; rising above the effects of the hurricanes that have impacted their lives.

#addhappy sign surrounded by OOLY art and school supplies













A special thank you to all the classrooms for allowing OOLY and AdoptAClassroom.org to join them on this journey. OOLY celebrates the courage and strength of all the teachers and students we met during our trip to Ponce, Puerto Rico. You can learn more about our classroom giving efforts here.

Kids cheering after receiving a $10,000 donation from Ooly + AdoptAClassroom.org