Planner Embellishments: Expert Tips and Tricks

The one thing that makes me feel confident about the week ahead is planning it out and journaling it before it even starts, these planner embellishments will help you stay organized.  

With that being said, I am a very visual person so writing everything out puts me at ease with all of the tasks that I have to accomplish in the days ahead. Planning is key to a less-stress week. 

hand putting tape on planner pages on wooden table with colorful pens next to it

Let’s be honest we are all finding ourselves with new job titles that we never expected to have. Some of these include, but are not limited to, teacher, cafeteria chef, janitor, keeper of the peace and so many more. You all deserve a round of applause for pivoting and taking on more than we sometimes can handle. How are we to keep it all organized and not miss a single event!? Don’t worry, OOLY is here to help make our lives a bit easier…. and prettier!

The more organized and decorated my journal is the more relaxed I feel. This could mean color coding certain categories, adding fancy planner embellishments to my page, or highlighting the prioritized tasks. Planning and journaling is necessary to me, so why not make it fun?!

Below are my favorite planner embellishments that are on my “nonnegotiable” list. 

colorful journal pages for the month of august with colorful pens on white background

Modern Writers Gel Pens 

These are seriously my favorite everyday pen. You will find them all over my house because I just love them that much. First, I like to use these for my daily layouts. Then I like to color code my activities with these. I give myself a color and my husband so we can keep schedules straight. They’re also my favorite for meal planning pages. 

fountain pens next to april 2020 planner pages

Fab Fountain Pens

First of all, I love the mismatched caps and bases! It makes my own cup more exciting and colorful. These pens have the glide to them for longer journal entries. Maybe a daily recap or gratitude entry in your journal. They have that old school feel with modern colors making them the perfect pair. Their thin carefree line plus well against the thicker more bold marker. 

rainbow assortment of markers next to planner page

Seriously Fine Markers

These are my favorite to use when filling in habit trackers, money trackers, mood trackers, etc. they’re so colorful and the fine tip makes it super easy to fill in the tiny squares or bubbles. They come in a wide array of colors, so you have plenty of options to choose from. These are also great for outlining boxes, doodling in the corners, etc. Definitely a must-have! 

Planner Embellishments For Kiddos

Below are great journal embellishments if you’d like to get your kids involved in the journaling process. I wish that I started journaling earlier in life. I think it would have helped me through school to keep my school work and after school activities organized. It also would have helped me by writing down my feelings and daily entries instead of bottling it up to get through the tough times we all encounter at some point in our lives. OOLY has a super awesome fun notebook that I know I would have loved growing up. It is double sided – how cool?! 

pastel highlighters next to planner page

Pastel Mints Scented Highlighters

You can’t go wrong with scented anything growing up. Your kiddos will love these! They smell great and look great, too. Perfect for color coding activities.

december planner pages with colorful pens on white background

Yummy Yummy Scented Glitter Gel Pens 

These bring me back to my childhood… where we had less responsibilities. I like that they don’t bleed like the ones we had many years ago. This is a big deal for me because I HATE smudges in my journal… I may be a little bit of a neat freak. These pens are perfect for young adult journaling.

erasable markers shown with mountain drawing

Make No Mistakes Erasable Markers

I really like these because the erasable capabilities are awesome. Like I mentioned above, with my neatness preference, it’s nice to be able to erase something if I messed up or wanted to erase something off my to-do list page. Their bold color is awesome making them a must on my desk!

These OOLY journal embellishments are perfect for organizing your life. So please, ​get motivated to make your week amazing by planning it with colorful school supplies and my non negotiable list! 

Jessie Woodward is a recipe developer, food columnist and foodie at heart helping people conquer hanger one recipe at a time. Follow her on Instagram for recipe ideas: @jess.wooody