Rock Painting Gives Kids The Freedom to Create

Orange, red and pink lil Paint Pods from OOLY

How do your kids create their happy? My boys are rough and tumble boys all the way.  Climbing, skateboarding, biking, jumping, playing in the dirt; you name it, they will do it!  But they also LOVE art and creating projects.  They take so much pride in their artwork and spend hours painting and making crafts.

Rock painted with green and pink poster paint

Rock Painting for Kids

There are so many craft groups on Facebook and somehow, I joined some rock painting groups by mistake.  Then I realized that there is a whole secret cult following and that people paint them and leave them in places for others to find.  The excitement that goes into creating each rock and finding out who received it is unbelievable.  People are posting every day on their findings. What a beautiful gesture to brighten up someone’s day.  I was intrigued.

I went on Pinterest, because that’s what we do when we decide to execute a plan and I was blown away by the artwork I saw.  Then I realized that this is my kid’s project.  Let them be kids. Let them create their happy.  Encourage them to be creative. It doesn’t need to be a perfect quote or a sunflower, like I saw on Pinterest.  We set off to the park to paint some rocks and their excitement bubbled over.

Kid opening set of Glitter and Neon lil Poster Paint Pods

We took Lil’ Poster Paint Pods-Neon & Glitter and  The Brush Works Paintbrush Set. The Lil’ Poster Paint Pods are a complete set (12) of water soluble poster paints in reusable “paint pods.” Included in the set is a paintbrush and a convenient travel case so they don’t get lost. Since Lil Poster Paint Pods are water soluble and will wash right out of fabrics too. We like that!


The Brush Works paintbrush set from OOLY

If you need more than one brush try The Brush Works Paintbrush Set , it is an all-in-one set with 7 nylon paintbrushes of different sizes and styles including small flat, small angle, extra small round, medium round, medium filbert and large flat. Just clean by rinsing with water. Easy!

The kids were having so much fun, that we invited others at the park to paint with us.  What a great way to make friends!  I’m sure that when they arrived at the park they didn’t expect to go home with a beautiful painted rock! A wonderful time to teach children to share and have the freedom to create without restrictions.

Photo of kids painting rocks with OOLY Paint Pods paint sets

Photo of kid painting rock with pink lil Paint Pod Poster Paint

Kid painting small rock with blue paint

Painting rock with blue glitter paint

OOLY products are safe and when Oliver got paint on his face, that’s exactly what it was; paint on his face.  We just laughed it off.  He was having too much fun to care.  OOLY uses independent and accredited laboratories to test their products for CPSIA, ASTM D-4236, ASTM F963.

Kid with glitter paint on her face

Kids painting rocks with poster paints from OOLY

Close up photo of rocking painted with neon and glitter paint

Kid painting rock with poster paints

OOLY not only makes my kid happy by giving them DIY tools to create their happy, but they give back by giving a percentage of EVERY PURCHASE to teachers and students in need through their Adopt A Classroom Program.

OOLY is also responsible for being a major donor to the Monette Children’s Enrichment Fund, Barbara’s foundation, donating items for students and special needs groups within the public-school system. They benefit greatly using art as a creative outlet.

We will continue to create our happy with OOLY, I hope you do too!

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