Stickiville Craft: Reward Chart for Kids

We are so excited to use OOLY’s new sticker collection, Stickiville, to make some fun and educational crafts for the new school year. 

The first craft we created is a Reward Chart! This can be used by parents or teachers to set specific goals, reward positive behavior or teach responsibility. Reward charts can be a powerful way to encourage positive and responsible behavior in children. 

We plan to use our Stickiville reward chart for our Monday-Friday chores. I let my children pick out the stickers they wanted to use when they completed a task and this helped keep them motivated! After the reward chart is completed, I recommend hanging it somewhere visible where your child can view it often – like the refrigerator!

Time Duration: 15 minutes 

Skill Level: Beginner

OOLY Products Needed

Other Items Needed: 

  • Ruler


ooly switcheroo changing markers & white DIY cover sketchbook

Step 1: Begin by pulling out a piece of paper from your OOLY White DIY Cover Sketchbook. Line the paper using the Switch-eroo Color Changing Markers and a ruler. You can make enough lines for the seven days in a week or for the five school days. We prepared our reward chart for a five-day school week.

ooly stickiville DIY reward chart for kids

Step 2: Fill in the chores/tasks you’d like the children/students to work on.

DIY reward chart for home or classroom

Step 3: Hang up the reward chart in your home or classroom and begin using it! Watch your children get excited as they demonstrate how responsible they can be.

This cute and fun reward chart craft is an easy craft for kids and can be replicated for other uses throughout the school year.

-Craft blog by Danitzia Singh, @themomtessorilife on Instagram.

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