Benefits of Coloring: Art Work is School Work

Creativity is a valuable skill that benefits adults as much as it does children. As we approach adulthood, we do not use the benefits of coloring or our creativity nearly enough as we should. Art and creativity give an opportunity for problem solving and trial and error—especially for children.

Gorgeous Leaf Craft Ideas You Must Try!

Nature has always been my favorite canvas. I live in Southern California, and although there’s not an abundance of leaves to paint there are still options that don’t include palm fronds. If you live where there are no leaves, or they are currently covered in snow, keep in mind that you can use all of the following techniques on leaves that you cut out of paper!

How to Make Scratchboard Art in 5 Easy Steps

I’ve seen a lot of different ways to make scratch art boards. I’ve never made my own scratchboards until now because many of the tutorials I’ve found are either time consuming, require a lot of supplies, or just don’t seem to work well. I’m excited because I’ve found a really easy (you only need 3 supplies) and beautiful way to make your own scratch art. This is a great art project to do on your own or with kids. There’s no age limit when it comes to crafty fun.

Fun Travel Activities for Kids

Fun Activities for Kids on a Plane I recently traveled across the country with my two daughters to go visit our family back east. As you can imagine, it’s a long travel day and I am always looking out for fun easy crafts for travel to keep them both occupied. When you travel, especially on… Read More »