Señor Don Gato the Printable Paper Doll Craft

Have room for a fun character to hang with? It’s my pleasure to show you how to create and color your Señor Don Gato printable paper doll craft. So who is Don Gato? Well, when I was in elementary school I learned a song about this cat, Señor Don Gato, who is from Spanish and Mexican folklore. I always imagined him as an elegant Renaissance cat prince from the 16th century whose clothing need plenty of sparkle, metallic hues and gemstone colors…so download the free printable to get started with your own Don Gato.

How to Make Paper Dolls with Decorative Tape

I recently decided to try my hand at some washi tape art because I’ve seen a few of the artists use this technique and discovered how to make paper dolls. The idea is to cover up an entire shape with tape and then cut away the access until the tape is left only inside the shape you’ve drawn. When I found OOLY’s Sticker Tape Pens, I immediately wanted to use them for similar tape illustrations, and they were perfect for the project.