Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Ideas

I am truly grateful to have the most wonderful teachers in my girls’ lives who continue to inspire them both on a daily basis, instilling a passion and excitement for learning. Teacher Appreciation Week is a time when parents should express their gratitude for all that teachers do each day they are with our kids. And what better way to thank them than to create some exciting gifts that will be an uplifting reminder of how much they mean to us? I have included three fun projects that are so simple yet so full of color!

Make a picture frame for your teacher more colorful with crayons.

Homemade Crayon Picture Frame

The first gift is a crayon picture frame. I went to my local craft store and bought a simple plain wood frame and I glued our
Brilliant Bee Crayons directly to the frame. Brilliant Bee Crayons are triangular shaped and come in 24 colors so they lay flat against the frame and bring a lot of color to it. You can insert a photo of the class or if you don’t have one handy you can personalize it with a cute handwritten note that you can have your child write. A colorful homemade frame is a great way to show gratitude for a special teacher.

A jar with unique crayons and a fun message will make a great gift for your teach during Teacher Appreciation Week.

Mason Jar Crayon Holder

The second crafting project I put together is simple and takes very little time. Also it includes one of my favorite staples for crafting… a mason jar! I envisioned making a vase filled with happy crayons that will look great on a teacher’s desk and will be functional too. I filled a mason jar with our
Color Appeel Crayons which come in 12 colors each with a unique patterned barrel. The fun part is that when the crayons start to wear down, your teacher can just pull the string to peel the paper away for more crayon. Next, I simply attached a handwritten note with a bright, cheerful yellow ribbon and I decorated the note with our Stampables Marker set, which has 24 adorable stamp designs that cover all sorts of themes. I added the matching Pocket Pals Color Appeel Journals for a complete, lovely and useful gift that teachers in any school would happily use!

Here's a fun free printable that is a great way to show how much you appreciate your great teacher.

Teacher Appreciation Printable

The final project we created is a free printable titled “High Five to My Teacher for a Great Year!” Each finger on the hand allows your child to fill in whatever it is that he or she loves about their teacher. This is a fun and personal way to let them know how special they are to your family and it’s simple. Just
click here to download the file and print, color and send it off to your teacher! Some great choices for coloring would be of course both of the above mentioned, Brilliant Bee and Color Appeel Crayons, and to add a bit of sparkle you can highlight your work with Glitzy Glitter Markers.