OOLY’s Teacher Grant Giveaway

Because of their amazing dedication, K-12 teachers spend an average of $740 of their own money every year to help make their classroom a fun and happier place for creativity and learning. We don’t think that’s right. We love and admire the efforts of our teachers and want to help. So in partnership with AdoptAClassroom.org, OOLY is proud to introduce the Teacher Grant Giveaway! To celebrate the beginning of the school year we’re giving away 10 grants of $750 for K-12 classroom supplies! 

With a well-stocked classroom, teachers are able to use creative learning to enhance their students’ study, letting children’s imaginations soar. 

Entering is easy! If you’re a K-12 teacher, simply fill out the form below and you’re done! If you’re not a teacher but you know one, share this page with them so they can enter.

We are giving away five $750 Teacher Grants every week for two weeks starting September 9, 2018. If applicants are not awarded a grant in week 1, they do not have to enter again as they will automatically be eligible for a grant award in week 2. Winners will be contacted by email and announced on Monday 9/17 and 9/24 after they have been verified through AdoptAClassroom.org.

As a bonus, one of the lucky 10 teachers awarded could have their grant doubled for a total of $1500! It would be silly not to enter! Do it now!

  • K-12 only
  • If you teach more than one grade, select the lowest.
    Terms and conditions can be found here