Unique Dye-Free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Dye-free Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Easter eggs decorated with watercolor paints

Easter Egg decorating is a holiday tradition for many families. It’s no secret, though, that dyeing eggs can result in a serious mess. It’s a close second to carving pumpkins when it comes to the messiest of holiday crafts!  By replacing the dye with other materials such as paints, colored pencils, markers, and crafting (washi) tape, your family can create spectacular Easter eggs with less stress.

Easter egg decorating with decoupage from OOLY coloring books

Not sure where to begin?  Don’t worry I’ve rounded up a few simple ideas that will make ditching the Easter egg dye kit less intimidating. Take a look at these ideas below to find out which Easter egg decorating style is the best fit for your family this year. All these ideas will work on hard boiled eggs or faux eggs from a craft store.

Watercolor Painting

Watercolor paint is one of the easiest transitions from dye because it allows for a varying palette. Similar to using dye, using watercolors allows the egg artist to choose an array of colors, from very bold, vibrant ones to soft pastels, by adjusting the amount of water used. Try making different strokes with the brush for a striped or swirled effect.

Materials used:

Easter eggs decorated with watercolor paints

Holding a decorated Easter egg colored with watercolor paints

Easter egg decorated with pink watercolor paint

Finished Easter eggs painted with watercolors

Puffy Paint Patterns

Neon puffy paints are an offbeat way to add a pop of color and excitement to your Easter egg decorating. Both young ones and teens love using the Magic Puffy Pens because they can watch the paint designs puff up before their eyes with the use of a hairdryer to produce brilliant, textured eggs.

Materials used:

  • Magic Puffy Pens (Neon)
  • Hair dryer (optional)—use this according to the package instructions to increase the “puffiness” of the puffy paint pens. You can use the paints for their vibrant colors without the puffy texture (no hairdryer) if desired.

Easter eggs decorated with OOLY Puffy Pen paints

Finished decorated Easter egg with neon colored OOLY Puffy Paint dots

Rainbow Colored Pencils

If you’re really looking to save on clean-up time, colored pencils make for a quick Easter egg decorating solution. Try using a water-soluble colored pencil like OOLY’s Rainbow Doodlers. The egg artist can blend the colored pencil markings with water using a cotton swab like a Q-tip or the included brush. The finished eggs resemble a beautiful watercolor painting effect.

Materials used:

Easter egg decorating with Rainbow Doodlers colored pencils from OOLY

Closeup of colored Easter egg with colored pencil

Easter egg decorating with brush technique with Rainbow Doodlers colored pencils from OOLY

Masking Technique

Achieve perfect lines by using thin strips of washi tape around the egg to create a masking technique.  First, determine your desired pattern. This technique is especially useful for geometric or striped egg designs. Once your design is mapped out using the crafting tape, fill in the spaces between the taped lines with markers or paint. Try using a combination of metallic markers, such as the Color Lustre Metallic Markers, and bold black markers to create unique designs.

Materials used:

Beginning Easter egg decorating with washi tape and scissors

Washi tape on an Easter Egg ready for decorating

Easter egg decorating with OOLY Color Lustre and Ink Works brush markers from OOLY

Coloring Easter eggs with Ink Works markers from OOLY and washi tape

Colored Easter egg with markers and washi tape

Finished decorated Easter egg with washi tape and markers

Easter egg decorating with washi tape and OOLY Color Lustre markers

Pointillism Egg Inspiration

As in the masking technique, have the egg artist block out the desired shape using tape or a sticker. Use really bright markers and a series of tiny dots surrounding the sticker border. If you concentrate more dots around the edge of the shape and fewer dots further from the edge, this gradual fade creates a burst effect and gives more definition to the intended shape. If you can’t find a fun-shaped sticker to use, try creating a cross shape using two thin pieces of washi tape.

Materials used:

Easter egg decorating with OOLY Pastel Liners markers and gold star stickers

Easter egg with a gold star heart sticker

Pointilism Easter egg decorating with OOLY Pastel Liners markers

Easter egg decorating with pink and purple pointilism

Decorated Easter eggs with pointillism using OOLY Pastel Liners markers

Decoupage Coloring Book Cutouts for Easter Eggs

Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing colored paper cutouts to it. This simple technique creates beautiful results. Finished with several coats of varnish or lacquer, the colored cutouts create remarkable designs with minimal effort. This year, try coloring a few pages in your favorite coloring book. The Marvelous Market Color-in’ Book has beautiful illustrations that work well for Easter egg decorating. Cut out a few egg-sized design elements to decorate the eggs. In a small bowl, mix together 1 tablespoon of Mod Podge (other craft glues may work as long as they are clear when they dry) with equal parts water. Submerge the cutout into the bowl till the paper is completely covered with the glue mixture. Carefully wrap the cutout along the surface of the egg. If needed, use a brush to spread the glue mixture evenly across the surface to secure the cutout in place. Allow the Easter eggs to dry completely.

Materials used:

Decoupage decorating on Easter eggs with OOLY coloring book

Marvelous Market OOLY coloring book and Rainbow Doodlers colored pencils

Decoupage Easter egg decorating with OOLY coloring book

Easter egg decorating decoupage with coloring book

Decoupage Easter egg decorating with coloring pages

Flower decoupage decorating on Easter egg

Flowers, sun and plants decoupage decorating on eggs with coloring books

Freehand Marker Designs

Markers are an easy alternative to dyes and paints. Try using an assortment of markers with different size tips to create artistic eggs. Simple patterns using brightly colored markers paired with bold black lines make for exciting but easy-to-accomplish designs. For example, try swirling bold black markers, then filling in the loops with OOLY’s Neon Pastels Liners for an abstract Easter egg. Alternatively, cover the egg with orange triangles with three green leaves on top. Accent with black lines to create a stylized carrot pattern. Or just have fun freehand doodling!

Materials used:

Freehand marker Easter egg decorating

Decorating Easter eggs with freehand markers

Easter egg decorating with markers from OOLY

Finished decorated Easter eggs with marker drawings

Two decorated Easter eggs with OOLY Oodles of Doodles and Pastel Liners markers

Additional Easter Egg Decorating Tips

To reduce the stress of cleanup, choosing the right egg-decorating material for your family is important.  Many OOLY products are washable and designed for messy artists, so if you have toddlers in the home, consider the washable options. Always have a drop cloth on the table before starting your project. If you don’t have one on hand, use an old towel or a few long pieces of foil or parchment paper. Above all, just have fun decorating together. Letting your children envision and create their own Easter eggs is key. Get involved by decorating one or two eggs yourself!

We’d love to see all your Easter egg creations this year. Share your masterpieces with OOLY in the comments or on Facebook or Instagram.


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