Ways for Kids to Share Their Summer Camp Experiences

Send your kids off to camp with a great way for them to share the fun.

Summertime is right around the corner and with school going on break soon, your child may be heading to summer camp, a summer vacation, or perhaps visiting with grandma and grandpa for a while. Either way, it’s important for kids to learn how to communicate the old fashioned way with pen and paper and send a letter or postcard to let loved ones know how they are doing and what they have been up to. I have compiled a bunch of fabulous supplies for you to give to your kids to stay in touch over the summer break.

We created
two cute printables that will let your child tell you how they are doing at summer camp. The first one is a letter format and has an adorable camping theme complete with s’mores, campfires, tents and little critters that your child can color in and decorate! There are blank lines so they can just fill in a quick letter home. The second printable is more of a guided coloring page titled “All about my Summer at Camp” and it has boxes to fill in such as: “What I like best about summer is..” and “Something New I learned at Camp is…”You can print a bunch of these out and put it in your child’s pack along with some cool gel pens to color with. Mini Mini Gel Pens are a great choice because they have a lot of different colors and are really small so they are easy to pack. Presto Chango Crayons are a great set to include on a summer camp trip as well. They are a set of sturdy crayons and come with a lot of colors so your child can draw all sorts of fun art while they are away.

Mini Mini Gel Pens are small so they are the perfect set of colored gel pens for traveling.

The Sweet Secrets Locking Diary is a super cute and colorful place for all of your personal writing.Monster Gel Pens are a set of four cute black ink gel pens

Kids are more inspired to write in a super cool diary to document their summer and there are some exciting diaries that would be great to send them off with.
Ninja Top Secret Locking Diary and the Peace and Love Locking Diary are cool because they are both all black paper diaries that make for unique writing with bright ink gel pens such as Totally Taffy and Tutti Frutti. Your kids secrets are safe with the accompanying padlock and key as well. There are also some great plain white paper locking diaries such as Sweet Secrets which has a sweet dessert theme as well as Deep Dark Secrets which has an underwater shark theme. To encourage more letter writing from kids to mom and dad, you can pack their bags with some amazing gel pens. Boys will love Galaxy Writers Gel Pens and Monster Gel Pens and girls will certainly enjoy Fairy Writers Gel Pens and Cutie Critters Gel Pens. Anything fun that encourages staying in touch and recording special memories is effort well spent in my opinion. Enjoy a safe and happy summer with your family and friends!

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