Winter Crafts to Make Your Home Sparkle and Shine

Winter crafts are a great way to ring in the season, whether your child is schooling from home or in the classroom, this year has changed young schedules everywhere. It is important to include some arts and crafts in your family’s day! Get in the holiday spirit by creating winter themed crafts to display all around the house. This will be a step-by-step guide all about how to create each of these winter crafts. 

Winter Crafts for All Skill Levels

colorful background with black tree on white surface

Thumb Print Winter Scene

This textured craft includes drawing, painting and finger-painting which is sure to engage children of all ages! 

Supplies You’ll Need:

Step 1: On Chroma Blends Watercolor Paper, color in your sky with your watercolor gel crayons! This can be a solid, or ombre for a winter sunset feel. Blend in with a finger, or leave it as is.

Pro tip: These crayons are water activated, so you can grab a paintbrush and water to create a watercolor effect. These winter crafts are all very versatile and can be customized to your own creative range.   

Step 2: Create your tree with a thin paintbrush and the black Paint Pod. For little hands, use the 5mm chisel marker from The Ink Works Markers set.

Step 3: Finger painting time! Grab your white Paint Pod and start dabbing away at the branches. The finger gives a just-snowed effect! Too much snow? Wait for it to dry, and draw over with The Ink Works.

Step 4: For added texture, use the white Dot-a-Lot paint to create 3-D snowfall on your scene. For a frame, glue down on two pieces of kraft paper from The Paper Works Sketchbook. And now your winter themed scene is ready to display!

snow man and reindeer made out of paper chains

Paper Chain Characters

This fun winter craft can be customized to become anything you want! Here we have a Snowman and Rudolph, but the possibilities are endless! Characters can even be chained together to create a holiday craft garland for your home!

Supplies You’ll Need:

Step 1: Cut out inch-thick strips of paper from the Paper Works Sketchbook. Here, I used 7 white, 5 kraft, and 2 black strips.

Step 2: Glue your paper chain bodies together. Remember to leave space to dangle!

Step 3: For our snowman friend, connect your two black strips to your chain. By folding the first chain flat, you can create a top-hat for your snowman! For Rudolph, grab your brown Double Dip Ice Cream Scented Marker and sketch out his antlers–have fun with this! No reindeers antlers are quite alike. Glue these down to your top chain of kraft paper.

Step 4: With the Ink Works, add eyes buttons, mouths and noses to your new friends! The 1mm and 2mm markers are perfect for detailed decorations, like the eyelashes on our dashing friend. 

popsicle stick snowflakes on craft table with hand holding snowflake

Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

These holiday snowflakes can be hung just about anywhere and can be customized over and over for the perfect home-made winter decor. 

Supplies You’ll Need:

Step 1: Glue together your popsicle sticks to form your snowflake. Depending on the size, 6-8 sticks will do!

Step 2: Add some color to your winter with the Smooth Sticks crayons. The watercolor gel formula makes them easy to blend, even on wood!

Step 3: For some holiday sparkle, add Pixie Paint for a crystalized, frozen effect. This will leave you with colorful, sparkly snowflakes everyone will envy!

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